UK totals 

The UK data are used for International and European reporting obligations. UK emissions data are reported to the UNFCCC (GHG), UNECE & EMEP (Air Quality) and NECR (Air Quality). Please use the links to view further information and links to the UK submissions under these obligations.

The UK level datasets are produced on a 'by source' and 'end user' basis for both Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases. All of the international submissions are on a ‘by source' basis. The NAEI also produces the following inventories on an 'end user' basis:

  • National inventory – both GHG and AQ
  • Devolved Administration – GHG only
  • LAGHG - GHG only

'By source' refers to emissions being attributed to the sector that emits them directly while 'end user' refers to emissions being reallocated from the fuel producers to fuel users. More information on this can be found in the methodology section.

National Statistics

Outputs from the NAEI have been classified as National Statistics which provides an assurance that statistics have been produced to the highest professional standards as set out in the UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The Local and Regional GHG emission estimates are also classified as National Statistics.

Get data

View the latest UK Air Pollutant emissions national statistics on the Defra website.

View the latest UK GHG emissions national statistics on the BEIS website.

National Statistics publications do not include all pollutants within the NAEI.  For emission data for the full range of pollutants, please see the UK emissions data selector.

Page last modified: 17 October 2022