About the inventory 

The UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) is developed and maintained by Ricardo Energy & Environment, in collaboration with Aether, UKCEH, Forest Research, Rothamsted Research, ADAS and Gluckman Consulting. The NAEI is funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

The NAEI estimates annual pollutant emissions from 1970 to the most current publication year for the majority of pollutants. A number of pollutants are estimated from 1990 or 2000 to the most current publication year due to the lack of adequate data prior to the later date and the specific reporting requirements for each pollutant. To deliver these estimates, the NAEI team collect and analyse information from a wide range of sources – from national energy statistics through to data collected from individual industrial plants.

For a summary of the compilation process, visit the Inventory cycle page.

For a more detailed insight into the organisational structure of the UK National Inventory System, including a summary of key stakeholder organisations and their respective roles and responsibilities, visit the National Inventory System page.

Page last modified: 19 July 2022