Glossary of useful terms 

Commonly used terms on this website are shown below in this glossary section.

The NFR/CRF codes used on this website are shown below.

NFR Code Source Description
1A Fuel Combustion Activities
1A1 Energy Industries
1A1a Public electricity and heat production
1A1b Petroleum refining
1A1c Manufacture of solid fuels and other energy industries
1A2 Manufacturing Industries and Construction
1A2a Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Iron and steel
1A2b Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Non-ferrous metals
1A2c Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Chemicals
1A2d Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Pulp, Paper and Print
1A2e Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Food processing, beverages and tobacco
1A2f Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Non-metallic minerals
1A2gvii Mobile Combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Other
1A2gviii Stationary combustion in manufacturing industries and construction: Other
1A3 Transport
1A3ai(i) International Aviation
1A3aii(i) Domestic aviation
1A3bi Road Transport: Passenger Cars
1A3bii Road Transport: Light duty vehicles
1A3biii Road Transport: Heavy duty vehicles and buses
1A3biv Road Transport: Mopeds & Motorcycles
1A3bv Road Transport: Gasoline Evaporations
1A3bvi Road Transport: Automobile tyre and brake wear
1A3bvii Road Transport: Automobile road abrasion
1A3c Railways
1A3dii National Navigation (shipping)
1A3eii Other
1A4 Other Sectors
1A4ai Commercial/Industrial stationary combustion
1A4aii Commercial/institutional: Mobile
1A4bi Residential stationary combustion
1A4bii Household and gardening mobile combustion
1A4ci Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing stationary combustion
1A4cii Off-road vehicles and other machinery from agriculture/forestry/fishing
1A4ciii Fishing Vessels
1A5 Other (not elsewhere specified)
1A5b Other mobile combustion (including military, land based and recreational boats)
1B Fugitive Emissions from Fuels
1B1 Fugitive Emissions from Solid Fuels
1B1a Coal Mining and Handling
1B1b Solid fuel transformation
1B1c Other
1B2 Fugitive Emissions from Oil and Natural Gas
1B2ai Oil: Exploration, production, transport
1B2aiv Oil: Refining/storage
1B2av Oil: Distribution
1B2b Natural Gas: Exploration, production, transport
1B2c Venting and flaring of oil, gas, combined oil and gas
2 Industrial Processes and Product Use
2A Mineral Products
2A1 Cement Production
2A2 Lime Production
2A3 Glass Production
2A5a Quarrying and mining of minerals other than coal
2A5b Construction and Demolition
2A6 Other mineral products
2B Chemical Industry
2B1 Ammonia Production
2B10a Other
2B10b Storage, handling and transport of chemical products
2B2 Nitric Acid production
2B3 Adipic acid production
2B6 Titanium dioxide production
2B7 Soda ash production
2C Metal production
2C1 Iron and steel production
2C3 Aluminium production
2C4 Magnesium production
2C5 Lead production
2C6 Zinc production
2C7a Copper production
2C7b Nickel production
2C7c Other metal production
2D Solvents
2D3a Domestic solvent use including fungicides
2D3b Road paving and asphalt
2D3d Coating applications
2D3e Degreasing
2D3f Dry Cleaning
2D3g Chemical Products
2D3h Printing
2D3i Other solvent use
2G Other product use (please specify in the IIR)
2H Pulp and paper industry, food and beverages industry
2H1 Pulp and paper industry
2H2 Food and beverages industry
2H3 Other industrial processes
2I Wood Processing
2K Consumption of POPs and heavy metals
3 Agriculture
3B Manure Management
3B1a Dairy cattle
3B1b Non-dairy cattle
3B2 Sheep
3B3 Swine
3B4d Goats
3B4e Horses
3B4gi Laying hens
3B4gii Broilers
3B4giii Turkeys
3B4giv Other poultry
3B4h other animals
3D Agricultural soils
3Da1 Inorganic N-fertilizers (includes urea application)
3Da2a Animal manure applied to soils
3Da2b Sewage sludge applied to soils
3Da2c Other organic fertilisers applied to soils
3Da3 Urine and dung deposited by grazing animals
3Da4 Crop residues applied to soils
3Db Indirect emissions from managed soils
3Dc Farm-level agricultural operations including storage, handling and transport of agricultural products
3De Cultivated crops
3Df Use of pesticides
3F Field burning of agricultural waste
3I Other
5 Waste
5A Solid Waste disposal on land
5B Biological treatment of waste
5B1 Composting
5B2 Biological treatment of waste - Anaerobic digestion at biogas facilities
5C Waste Incineration
5C1a Municipal waste incineration
5C1bii Hazardous waste incineration
5C1biii Clinical waste incineration
5C1biv Sewage sludge incineration
5C1bv Cremation
5C2 Open burning of waste
5D Waste-water handling
5D1 Domestic
5D2 Industrial
5E Other Waste  
6 Other
6A Other
z_11B Forest fires
z_11C Other natural emissions (please specify in the IIR)
z_1A3ai(ii) International aviation cruise (civil)
z_1A3aii(ii) Domestic aviation cruise (civil)
z_1A3di(i) International maritime navigation
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