Emission factors detailed by source and fuel 

This data selector search allows you to find UK data. Choose your selections below. Please note that these emissions factors are specifically for the UK only (not including overseas territories and crown dependencies).

Factors are available back to 1990 for greenhouse gases, 1980 for ammonia and 1970 for all other pollutants.

Please note the following information when selecting criteria for searching emission factors:

  • you can select more than one source by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys during selection
  • a user friendly transport emission factor data sheet is available in the Emission factors for transport section of this website
  • if some emission factors are missing in this database it is either because the methodology used in the NAEI is not based on the product of emission factors and activity values or the data are confidential

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Further information about the pollutants related to the NAEI is available in the Pollutant information section.

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