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SELECT ad.InventoryYear, ad.NFRCode as code, ad.EmissionYear as emissionYear, 'Activity Data' as PollutantName, 'AD' as PollutantID, s.SourceID, s.Source as SourceName, a.ActivityID, a.Activity as ActivityName, ad.ActivityUnits as Unit, SUM(ad.Activity) as Emission FROM ActivitiesData as ad, NFR n, Source s, Activity a WHERE ad.NFRCode = n.NFRID AND ad.`SourceCode` = s.`SourceID` AND ad.`InventoryYear` = '2016' AND ad.EmissionYear BETWEEN '1970' AND '2016' and a.`ActivityID` = ad.ActivityCode AND ad.TerritoryCode in (1,5) GROUP BY ad.InventoryYear, ad.NFRCode, ad.EmissionYear, s.SourceID, s.Source, a.ActivityID, ad.ActivityCode ORDER BY ad.`NFRCode`, ad.EmissionYear

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